Mayflower Passengers

To become a member, you must prove that you are a descendant of one or more of the passengers aboard the Mayflower, the ship that landed in Plymouth, New England, in December of 1620. The fifty-one Mayflower passengers known to have descendants living today are:

John AldenFrancis CookeWilliam Mullins
Isaac AllertonJohn CookePriscilla Mullins
Mary (Norris) AllertonEdward DotyDegory Priest
Bartholomew AllertonFrancis EatonThomas Rogers
Mary AllertonSamuel EatonJoseph Rogers
Remember AllertonSarah EatonHenry Samson
John BillingtonMoses FletcherGeorge Soule
Elinor BillingtonEdward FullerMyles Standish
Francis BillingtonMrs. Edward FullerJohn Tilley
William BradfordSamuel Fuller (son of
Joan (Hurst) Tilley
William BrewsterSamuel FullerElizabeth Tilley
Mary BrewsterStephen HopkinsRichard Warren
Love BrewsterElizabeth (Fisher) HopkinsWilliam White
Peter BrownGiles HopkinsSusanna (Jackson)White
James ChiltonConstance HopkinsPeregrine White
Mrs. James ChiltonJohn HowlandResolved White
Mary ChiltonRichard MoreEdward Winslow

Bold indicates families documented in the Mayflower Families “Silver” Book sometimes through the sixth generation. Silver Books may be purchased through the General Society at

Silver Books are often included in our libraries such as the Gale Family Library (651-259-3300) located on the third floor of the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, the Hoffman Research Library at the Minnesota Genealogical Society (651-330-9312) in Eagan and at the Rochester Public Library (507-328-2300). Check with a nearby library as there are probably others that have partial or complete sets of the Silver Books.