Two Types of Membership

Regular Membership

Regular Members, are persons 18 years and older who have an approved application by the Historian General in Plymouth.  These members pay yearly dues to stay active in the Mayflower Society. 

Junior Membership

A family member may sponsor for Junior Membership any individual under 18 years who is of the same family lineage bloodline as the sponsor and has proven lineage.  An application form may be obtained by the Junior Membership Chair, Kenneth Veness see contact page.  The completed form is to be accompanied by a one time fee of $35 and a copy of the Junior Members long form birth certificate.  Junior memberships expire at age 25, but Junior Members can apply for Regular Membership at age 18.


If you should move out of state, your membership can easily be transferred to your new state.  First, notify the Minnesota State Historian of your wishes and new address.  The Minnesota Historian will establish that your dues are up to date and send a copy of your lineage papers and “letter of good standing” to the receiving State Historian.  There is a $35 fee to transfer.  This will allow you to meet new people with ease in your new community.


Supplemental applications are prepared in the same manner as originals and are to be submitted one at a time, waiting until one supplemental has been approved before submitting another one for that member.  Exceptions are the following families, Howland, Tilley, Hurst; Alden and Mullins; Hopkins and Fisher; and Allerton and Norris.

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships should be given when the application is ready to be signed by the applicant.  No unsigned application will be accepted by the Historian General’s office.  If the gift membership is for a child under age 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign the application to attest that they have seen the Disclaimer.

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