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The Family History Library, operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, contains a variety of records that can help with family history and genealogical research. The Family History Library is located at 35 North West Temple in Salt Lake City. For those of us unable to travel, they have Family History Centers located in each state. Family History Centers are branch facilities of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Centers provide access to most of the microfilms and microfiche in the Family History Library to help patrons identify their ancestors. Everyone is welcome to come to the centers and use Family History Center resources. This is a great place to start your search.

Main Website:

There are 27 locations located all over the state. To find a Family History Center near you, please click here:

NOTE: Use this and other websites as a general reference. Individuals input data that is sometimes incorrect perhaps just a day or month or they may have the wrong individual.
These sites are great places to start in your search for your ancestors.


On September 6, 2008, the DNA Committee of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants sponsored a DNA Seminar. The Committee chose Family Tree DNA to speak at our 2008 Triennial Meeting. Darren Marin of Family Tree DNA, gave a seminar on DNA and Genealogy and spoke about the A,B,C’s of DNA and what tests they provide for tracing family lines.


Y-DNA: Males pass on Y chromosomes to their sons, so only males can test their
Y-DNA to determine the origin of their paternal side. Females do not
receive Y-DNA, so they cannot test the paternal line. Only a brother or
male from that relative can be accurately tested.

mt-DNA: Both males and females can be tested to determine maternal line. Mothers
pass Mitochondrial DNA to both male and female children. Both
can be tested for mt-DNA, but only the females can pass mt-DNA on.

Example: I wanted to get DNA lines on both my parents, so I knew my brother would
have to take a test, covering both Y-DNA and mt-DNA. I ordered the Y-
DNA 37 + mtDNA plus test.

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