Classroom Visits

Our mission is to preserve the history of our Mayflower ancestors through genealogy, historical research, education and donations while providing social and educational opportunities for our members.

The Minnesota Society provides members to visit classrooms to bring the story of the Mayflower Pilgrims alive.  Dressed in Pilgrim attire, the speaker will show a thirteen minute film entitled, “Children of the Mayflower,” and present the history of the Pilgrims.   Educational material on “Five Kernels of Corn,” a Listing of the Children on the Mayflower to name a few will be provided as well as an explanation of life as a child in 1627 Plymouth.  The member will answer questions as well as interact with the audience. 

To arrange your Pilgrim visit, call Dolores M. Shellum at (651) 717-3526 or email:

Teaching Materials

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, Massachusetts has an online store that carries books, videos, DVD’s and other teaching materials about the Mayflower and Pilgrims.

The Plimoth Plantation Museum Shop
This site lists fifteen educational resources available for teaching.  There are a lot of packages, so read descriptions before purchasing.

The Pilgrim Hall Museum
This site lists children’s books on topics such as: Pilgrims & Natives, Native Americans, Natural History of Plymouth or Thanksgiving.  Several books are listed under each heading.

The First Thanksgiving Student Activities for Grades Pre K-12 is a global, online children’s publishing, education and media company.  They provide products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children to learn about the world around them.  Activities are listed in a children’s page from scholastic magazine discussing the Voyage of the Mayflower, Daily Life, The Thanksgiving Feast, and much more.

"The First Thanksgiving-You are the Historian."
From the Online Learning center at Plimoth Plantation. Investigates the First Thanksgiving. /navigation.html

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